Big One:- Marsquake update

Big One:- Marsquake update

Last Year, on May 4, 2022, a powerful Marsquake was detected by NASA’s lander, the largest earthquake on Mars. The earthquake had a magnitude of 4.7; yes, this is a fair enough magnitude on Earth, but not on our neighbour planet, Mars.

Why do these quakes happen?

Earthquake happens because of the movement of tectonic plates. But the tectonic plate’s movement is not a reason for a planet like mars, according to the understanding of scientists at that time. They believed this because Mars is too small, Mars planetary surface is not broken the way it is on Earth.  That’s why, according to the scientists the reason of tectonic plates were getting discarded as it’s no way possible. Scientists thought that the reason for this marsquake might be a meteor impact on its surface.

After approx. one year of studies and research, Planetary scientist Ben Fernando of the University of Oxford in England. In the research journal published this week in “Geophysical Research Letters” said that we got a result after research that the marsquake that happened last year was not because of any impact of a meteor but was tectonic. This is making them believe that Mars can also hold such Mars quakes. This was just a step forward in knowing Martin’s seismic activity. Which needs a better understanding and making us know about the tectonic plate’s science behind it and its processes.

Ben Ferdinando further added, “there are more faults which are active on planet Mars. The planet is gradually shrinking and cooling, and there is still motion within the crust even though there are no active plate tectonic processes going on anymore. These faults can trigger quake.”


Charalambous added that most of the quakes we have detected so far were in the east region called Cerberus Fossae and said this one left them a little puzzled. Last year, NASA’s insight lander detected a region in the Martial surface southern hemisphere, north of the equator. Scientists of different countries are trying to find out the reason behind this Big One Mars quake to have a better understanding of the planet Mars and its tectonic plates, as there are some human missions planned.

He added that this magnitude of earthquake on earth could break windows and shake of selves but would not be devastating will not bring houses down. The majority of marsquakes detected till now by lander location is not sure. He said knowing about all seismic activities detected till now is essential. Still, this event of the largest earthquake recorded on Mars till now is far more essential to know about as it will make them understand better about this planet’s geological history, it’s interior and evolution.


Some Facts about the planet Mars:-

  1. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun, and it’s called a Red planet due to its appearance in the night sky.
  2. It has a thin atmosphere made of carbon dioxide, with little amount of nitrogen and argon.
  3. The red colour of Mars is because of the Iron oxide present in Mars.
  4. The two small moons on Mars are: – Phobos and Deimos, which are in an irregular shape.
  5. It’s one day is similar to Earth, with little difference, which lasts 24.6 hours.
  6. Mars’s largest volcano is famous for being the largest in the solar system, called as Olympus Mons, which stands at a height of 22km.
  7. Mar’s is been a source and centre of attention which almost every country tries to explore.
  8. The reason for its attention is the evidence that liquid water exists on the surface of the mars. Which detects a possibility of microbial life existing on the planet.
  9. Many countries are dreaming of expanding human civilization on a different planet and Mars due to some similarities and are looking for an appropriate planet to do further research. All the popular space agencies have planned some human missions to Mars worldwide. They want a human permanent presence on that planet.
  10. The Temperature on Mars is much more relaxed than on Earth, ranging from -87 degrees Celsius at the poles to 20 degrees Celsius at the equator during summer.

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