Healthy morning drinks

Choosing the right drink to start your day not only gives us health and energy but also prevents us from many diseases. These drinks are alternatives to tea and coffee as they contain caffeine, and we all know that caffeine is not good for health. Trying these healthy morning drinks to start your day keeps you energetic for the whole day and prevents many problems.

Here are some healthy morning drinks to add to our daily routine for energy.

  1. Lemon water with honey
  2. Apple cider vinegar in water
  3. Green Tea.
  4. Coconut Water.
  5. Aloe vera and amla juice

1. Lemon water with honey

Starting the day with warm lemon and honey water helps us activate our digestive system. Drinking lemon water without eating anything in the morning can have benefits like fat burning and weight loss. It also gives clear skin and increases immunity. Lemon is composed of citric acid and vitamin C, which help bring a glow, and honey calms our nerves.

How to make:

Take a glass of boiled, warm water and add 1 lemon (or as you require). Now add honey to the lemon and warm water, mix them well, and consume them immediately.

2. Apple cider vinegar in water


It has a lot of benefits. It improves our blood sugar level and helps in the weight loss journey. Apple cider vinegar is sour; we use apple cider vinegar with honey. Now the question arises: where and how do we get apple cider vinegar? We also make it in our home, but it is a very long process. In our general stores, we find them or buy apple cider vinegar online. Every brand is good.

How to make:

Add an adequate amount of apple cider vinegar to warm water with some honey, and for taste, you can use a pinch of cinnamon powder, mix them, and consume.

3. Green tea

In the market, we get a wide range of green tea in different flavors. It has a lot of benefits; It maintains our metabolism and helps us in removing excess fat. It works as an antioxidant.

How to make:

If you get a green tea bag, dip it in a cup of warm water. For taste, you can add honey, but if you get powdered green tea, boil water. When it comes to a boiling state, add green tea powder. When it changes color, add some honey and drink.

4. Coconut water


Coconut water is a natural and beneficial drink we consume in the morning on an empty stomach. It provides us with a lot of healthy nutrients, like potassium, calcium, and many more. Coconut water is a traditional drink.

How to make:

Coconut water also comes in packaging; that is also good, but fresh coconut water is healthier than packaging.

4. Aloe vera and amla juice

Aloe vera amla juice has numerous benefits for our body. This juice helps us clear skin and pimple problems, detoxifies our body, helps with hair growth and shiny hair, and has many more benefits.

How to make:

It is difficult to make daily fresh juice of both aloe vera and amla, so we buy them from the market and add both to a glass of water for healthy benefits. For taste, add honey and lemon to a glass of water.

Now let us know which drink you prefer to try.



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