Koffee with Karan : Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Singh

 What’s Koffee with Karan 

Koffee with Karan is an Indian talk show where Karan Johar host the program. With his royal wit and elegant persona. Karan Johar has his celebrity guests discovering the tea on love, work and everything in between.

 Session- 8  

Season- 8 of Koffee with Karan demurred off with the Bollywood couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. They participated in the marriage videotape. Suckers of the couple indeed have enough reason to rejoice, looking at the two actors go down memory lane and share unseen marriage footage, and give us a peep into the sweet mundanities of their life. It’s what each of them did not dwell on that advanced a conspiracy and a dark edge to their too-good-to-be-true marriage.

For this case, Ranveer did all the heavy lifting when it came to the couple talking about their once, how they courted each other, how he proposed to Deepika Padukone and how she broke the news to her family. Deepika smiled sporadically and chortled along as if she was harkening to it for the first time. Ranveer had an obvious interpretation of the story to tell, whereas Deepika sounded like she was discovering it and joining the scars with us. Deepika Padukone took charge of the Discussion. Also, the discussion veered past the honeymoon phase.

She touched upon the more challenging effects of having a veritably different life, parenting, and precedence. She conceded it’s been tough, but they are willing to work towards a successful marriage. “It’s the work that makes it special,” Deepika said as Ranveer conceded it with a gesture that sounded more like a rendition than an agreement. He is all heart, so he concentrates on the courting, where love has just started blowing. She’s all smart and far more sensible, so she set the tone for us on seeing the couple in their present and the future. Marriage videotape to partake in their marriage movie for the first time on the show quickly helped the cause.

At a time when recently married actors are releasing their custom-made marriage vids in cahoots with music companies and bridalwear contrivers or dealing them to streaming platforms, and the five-time detention in the release of DeepVeer’s marriage movie deserves credit for keeping the effects intimate.

Is Deepika Padukone poisonous?   

Still, in the past two days, Deepika has faced a shower of online trolling due to her exposure to their open relationship when they first started seeing each other. Funnyman and actor Vir Das replied to the trolling by posting a circular tweet supporting Deepika. Vir Das wrote on X, “Moment of silence for all the men worried that a Bollywood star way out of their league was casually dating for a while, and wasn’t as committed as their imaginary gal is to them. Deepika said that they weren’t exclusive until Ranveer popped the question and that they were ‘technically allowed’ to see other people. Deepika said that she wanted to be single for a while because she had come from delicate connections.

She was going through a phase where she said, ‘I just don’t want to be attached, don’t want to be committed’. And I had fun. And also, he came on, so I didn’t ‘commit commit’ until he proposed to me. There was no ‘commitment as similar. Indeed, if we were technically allowed to see other people, we’d keep returning to each other.” But before that, Deepika Padukone said in a show that she’s pious for love. She did not get love, so she respects love; she is veritably severe and pious for her mate. Now, everyone is creating memes on Deepika Padukone’s double talk. Some people are saying that Deepika is too poisonous and fake.

Some people are saying that Ranbir should join with her. He deserves better. People are opining on their relationship. Indeed, actor Ranveer Singh admitted feeling helpless as a mate and didn’t understand how to deal with an actor-woman.


Deepika Padukone when she was battling her internal health issues. And that it was only over time that he realised what kind of care-paying was demanded and what red flags he demanded to watch out for. Recognising depression in a family member or loved one can be gruelling, as the symptoms can vary from person to person. Most importantly, one doesn’t know how close to the cliff the person is.




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