Natural ways to get rid of dandruff

Dandruff is such a word that many know very well; they suffer from it. More than 50% of the adult population all over the world suffers from it. This is such a disease; it is a sickness of the scalp, such a thing that the flakes fall on your forehead, and you feel terrible when you are with people around.

People want to avoid wearing dark clothes because dandruff flakes are seen very closely, so the whole psychology is behind dandruff. The person doesn’t like dandruff, doesn’t like mixing with other people, and wants to avoid it because dandruff is bothering them.

Well, let me tell you, there is a solution for every problem, and the solution is yoga, but we have to first understand the causes of dandruff. Dandruff is nothing but a fungus infection. The fungus is called Malassezia.

This is the condition of the scalp, and here this fungus’s characteristics are very clear: it feeds on the oil. The sebaceous glands are secreting oil all over, and on the scalp, oil is also there. The point is that we should understand that it is an infection, a fungus, and the fungus needs to be removed. It is not a big problem, but it is a problem that needs attention, because if attention is not given, then you know what happens: of course, hair falls, along with all the other problems like pimples even on the face, acne, even pus cells are firm, even boils are formed, and a person is not at all comfortable with all. So we will have to deal with this very seriously, and we will have to remove dandruff from its roots, and so we will tell you how to go about this. Because of this dandruff, people feel scratchy and itchy all the time; it’s not a good feeling, you know. So now the cause, let’s understand the other causes, and so here comes:

  1. Oily skin: basically, an oily scalp is one of the big causes.
  2. Infrequent wash: when you feel oily, you want to wash it very regularly. That’s how I watch people, which is so wrong because it damages your hair.
  3. Tension and stress in any case.
  4. Weather changes and all that.
  5. Sweating, profuse sweating, and people who sweat from the head downwards so badly that the sweat is flowing from the head down

With the help of yoga, we can cure this. Proper circulation, proper hygiene, proper management, and maintenance The hygiene of the scalp is poor, and that’s why what happens is infection, redness, pus, pimples, acne, and an uneasy feeling all the time.

Certain practices, when we start doing them, are a sure treatment and the quickest treatment for this dandruff problem. So here are certain things we should first do because good circulation to the head region means good health and good oxygen and relaxation would work wonders to handle any disease, including this fungus infection. So I would give you three asanas, which you would do regularly.

  1. First asaan I would strongly recommend chakrasaan: where you are bending back and you are bending forward, you are staying back in a forward-bent position for some time where circulation goes very nicely to the head region.
  2. The second asana would be adhomukhsvasaan, which is also an asana where forward bending is present and you are easily handling your problem.
  3. The third asana is sarvangasaan, which, in any case, is a head-low posture that helps the head, scalp, neck, and shoulders, and it works wonders in bringing back natural glowing health. Well, let us get help from the natural things that are around us to help us remove dandruff nicely.


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