Tesla opens showrooms on tribal lands to sell direct

Tesla’s 1st electric pickup has rolled off the assembly line: Tesla is stepping up its efforts to create stores on tribal territories where it may sell directly to people, avoiding state restrictions that prohibit vehicle manufacturers from also being merchants in favor of the dealership model. Mohegan Sun, a Connecticut casino and entertainment complex owned … Read more

The Tesla automaker is opening more showrooms on tribal lands

The Tesla automaker is opening more showrooms on tribal lands: Tesla is ramping up efforts to open showrooms on tribal lands where it can sell directly to consumers, violating state laws that also bar vehicle makers from becoming retailers in favor of a dealership model. Mohegan Sun, a casino and entertainment complex in Connecticut owned … Read more

Tesla will speak with India’s commerce minister on its new $24,000 vehicle factory plan

According to the source, Tesla has expressed interest in developing a plant in India that would manufacture affordable electric vehicles (EVs) for both the domestic market and export. The company has also stated that the plant would produce the new vehicle. The conversations mark a remarkable turnabout for the corporation after attempts last year to … Read more