The electric vehicle charging stations

The electric vehicle charging stations: Around the world, including India, the automotive industry is now making the switch from internal combustion engines (ICE) to battery-powered EVs. The largest obstacle the EV sector is now experiencing is the lack of charging infrastructure. And to get over this obstacle, a lot of third parties and automakers are constructing their own, interoperable network of charging stations.

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Users of EVs frequently follow a regimen and charge primarily at home. But in order to get going when on a road trip, they must be aware of the local EV charging infrastructure. Here are some of the top apps for finding the best charging stations nearby if you have an electric vehicle or are considering buying one.

Similar to locating your favorite restaurant in a new location, finding an EV charging station on Google Maps is simple. Simply type “EV charging stations near me” into Google to see all the stations that are listed. Google also provides data on the maximum power rating and the number of chargers. The charger’s state isn’t mentioned, though.

First-party apps:

Utilizing the first-party app provided by the vehicle manufacturer is another simple approach to getting information about the charging station. Nearly all-electric vehicles, both two-wheelers, and cars, do have an app that provides a variety of information about the vehicle, and the majority of these apps can be used to locate a local charging station. In this scenario, the app will only display the first-party chargers and the charging stations from the partners.

Download and install the Ather app if you own an EV made by Ather. Download the Ola Electric app to your smartphone if you own an Ola EV. Use the Tata Motors ZConnect app for vehicles. Keep in mind that most of these apps are only compatible with the specific brand of vehicle, and the majority of first-party charging stations are probably protected by a proprietary charging system that restricts access by third-party vehicles.

EV Plugs:

With more than a thousand charging stations, EV Plugs is one of the largest charging network aggregators in the nation. This app provides a list of all the major operators’ EV charging stations, including Tata Power, Magenta, and EESL. Users can select their vehicle within the app, and it will display the locally suitable network of charging stations. Due to this, owners of electric vehicles with two wheels and four wheels can benefit greatly from the EV Plugs app.

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