Truck accident at Jammu See Updates

A truck collision occurred in Jammu. Everything is safe. A loaded truck with the registration number PB 06N2162 arrived at midnight. Coca-Cola bottle charging went from Punjab to Jammu and near Hatali Mod. Due to its high speed, the truck loses control and collides with another truck, then collides with a wall; the driver is unharmed, but the vehicle’s front end collapses.


According to the reports, the truck will be wrecked, and the Coca-Cola bottles will be scattered across the road. As a result of the collision, another loaded truck with the registration number HR38Y3264 carrying apples traveled from Srinagar to Jammu.The truck and deal with the apple damage in the exact location. Police will respond immediately and take action against driving (high speed).


A Hindu girl was duped by a Muslim lad from Jammu.

In another disturbing example of #LoveJihad. A Muslim guy called Shoket Ali impersonated a Hindu and married a Hindu female. The A guy lives in Jammu (village Surenkot). The news was published on

A Hindu girl who works in Delhi and resides in Delhi and a Muslim boy travel from Jammu to Delhi for a wedding ceremony and meet with her, giving their phony identities and telling him I am a Kashmiri Pandit and wowed the girl. She eventually fell in love. When the Hindu girl arrived in Jammu from Delhi, he proceeded to Vashnoo Devi (Karta). He was compelled to marry her after going to Vashnoo Devi (Karta), and she is willing to marry him and be married at Vashnoo Devi (Karta). After marrying him, she finds his actual identity.

Shoket Ail Khan is a Muslim youngster from Surenkot. He pushed the Hindu girl to convert her faith after marriage, which she did, and now she comes into the media and delivers a bite against him since he is a fake or scam. She claims he tormented her because she changed her faith from Hindu to Muslim, and he forced her to eat Goav Mata (cow) when failed in her objective. She refuses to eat the food, but her husband torments her. Then She eventually left his house.


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